Social Policy Work

What is Social Policy work?

The second aim of the CAB service is:

To exercise a responsible influence on the development of policies and services both locally and nationally

Social Policy work sets out to identify existing polices and practices which are unfair or detrimental to our clients and then to campaign for change and reform. Perth Citizens Advice Bureau is committed to social policy work and has a designated social policy coordinator and social policy team.

CAB advisers will raise or ‘flag’ issues they have encountered with their clients that they deem to be ‘social policy issues’, the social policy coordinator submits the anonymised issues to the policy team at Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) in Edinburgh who use the evidence to produce periodic briefings and reports such as ‘Voices from the Frontline’.

The Perth CAB social policy team also researches and raises awareness of issues which have affected our clients locally, for example by preparing a report or a press release. We often work in partnership with other local organisations who share our concerns .


Employment on the Edge – 2018 Tayside Social Policy Conference:

On Friday 31st August Perth CAB joined forces with Angus CAB and Dundee CAB to deliver our third Tayside Social Policy Conference. The aims of the conference were to showcase the social policy work of each bureaux in Tayside, to discuss the changing nature of employment in contemporary Scotland and what implications these changes will likely have on citizens in Tayside in the future and to consider locally achievable solutions to resolve issues attributed to changing employment practices.

The event was attended by representatives from third sector groups, local government, the Scottish Government, the NHS, academia and staff and volunteers from fellow Scottish bureaux. Local employers including Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) and Fishers Laundries were also in attendance. Matters discussed on the date were recorded and used to produce a conference report, which is available below along with a separate executive summary

Employment on the Edge Report Final

Employment on the Edge 2018 Executive Summary FINAL

On-going social policy campaigns:

Faucets of knowledge, citizens’ knowledge of water and sewerage charges:

Water and sewerage charges are paid on a combined bill with Council Tax. However many people do not know that whilst they are charged together water and sewerage is a separate charge from Council Tax, resulting in charges going unpaid and households falling into ‘water debt’. Following our participation in a pilot awareness raising project run by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS), Perth Citizens Advice bureau decided to explore citizens’ general knowledge of water and sewerage charges in more detail. We ran a survey with our clients which was later adopted by Stirling CAB and Airdrie CAB. The findings were pooled to produce a research report, the link to which and a separate summary sheet is available below:

Faucets of Knowledge final report

Faucets of Knowledge Summary document PC Day_final


Completed social policy campaigns:

Funeral Poverty:

Since 2004 the cost of a ‘basic funeral’ in the UK has increased by over 90%. Perth CAB jointed forces with the social policy team at Stirling CAB to conduct research into what impact the rising cost of funerals is having on bereaved citizens within both Perth and Kinross and Stirling local authorities. The following research report was completed in March 2016:

unearthing the true cost of funerals report

Perth CAB/MEAD: BME worker employment issues research project:

Perth CAB worked in partnership with the Minority Ethnic Access Development Project (MEAD) to investigate employment issues faced by BME workers within Perth and Kinross. Whilst anybody can experience mistreatment at work, BME workers are highly susceptible to it, particularly those working in low paid and low skilled jobs. The aim of the project is to produce both a research report and good practice guidelines for local employers on employing BME workers.

Working to Live – Full Report

Working to Live – Employer recommendations

Working to Live – executive summary

Food Poverty and Food Aid in Perth and Kinross

Over the last year the UK has witnessed a drastic rise in the number of people experiencing food poverty (being unable to buy food for themselves and their families). Consequently this has caused an increasing number of people to turn to ‘food aid’ such as charity foodbanks.  Perth CAB’s social policy project sets out to explore the causes of food poverty within Perth and Kinross and to map local food aid provision for those who are in need.

Pension Wise Newspaper AdvertFood Poverty in PK report – FINAL (5)

 Knowing your rights-employment issues facing young people

In 2012 social policy volunteer Sarah Mitchell independently researched and produced a report and briefing on the employment issues encountered by young people within Perth and Kinross. Both publications were formally launched at an event at Perth Concert Hall attended by CAB volunteers and staff and local politicians. Both publications can be accessed via the following links to the Citizens Advice Scotland website:

Knowing your rights – Employment issues facing young people.  A briefing

Knowing your rights – Employment issues facing young people.  Report


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