Financial Inclusion

Our Financial Inclusion project will deliver a series of financial capability workshops in a cooperative

learning style for education and lifelong learning. There is NO charge for these workshops.

Our workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging to help reinforce learning and are suitable

for ages 10 to adulthood, as sessions can be adapted to age and capability.

The workshops help to;

• Improve financial capability through developing financial understanding, initiative, competence,

and responsibility.

• Enhance knowledge of basic rights and responsibilities in relation to independent living issues

by helping students address problems on topics such as money matters, employment, benefits,

and housing, health, consumer and citizenship issues.

• Make maths real- by using maths skills in real life contexts.

• Encourage team playing and debate.

Our workshops involve students working in small groups with the maximum of six students to one

trained member of the team. We will bring in the required number of trained staff to cover all of your

class at one time.

Our most popular workshop is CAB Quest, inspired by an idea from Motherwell and Wishaw CAB. CAB

Quest is an interactive workshop suitable from age 10 into adulthood (adapted to age and capability) and is

based around a specially designed and developed board game. This workshop helps to;

• Increase young people’s understanding of percentages and how interest rates have an impact

on the amount of money borrowed or saved.

• Improve knowledge of financial jargon and products.

• Increase understanding of writing a financial statement, managing a day to day budget

prioritising essential and non-essential spending.

• Extend and develop problem solving skills, on topics such as money matters, employment,

health, benefits, and housing, consumer and citizenship issues.

• Stimulate knowledge by sharing thoughts and promoting discussion.

• Improve young people’s aptitude, attitudes and behaviours towards

financial capability.

• Broaden students’ knowledge on where to access free and

confidential advice on a variety of topics.

• Promote and raise awareness of Perth Citizens Advice Bureau.