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Citizens Advice Bureau
7 Atholl Crescent
Phone Numbers:

Main & Appointments: 01738 450581

Advice Line: 01738 450580

Fax: 01738 450582

Pension Wise: 01738 450596

Debt Team Admin contact: 01738 450590

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If you live or work in Perth and Kinross you can contact us for advice using this form. Our advice is based on Scottish Law.

We aim to reply to emails within 5 working days. If you would like a quicker response please contact us on one of the phone numbers above.

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How will we use any information about you?

We want to make sure that we provide you with the best possible support and services that we offer. To do this we need to ask you information about yourself and to keep a record of this information. We record information on paper and also electronically in our database. From time to time we will review the information you have given us to ensure that we can continue to help you in the best way we can.

When asking us for advice, please be aware that we will respond to the email address that you give us, and so anyone with access to the email address you give us may be able to see our advice to you. If you are using a work related email address, remember it may also be subject to monitoring by your employer in line with their own email policy.

If you would prefer to receive a response by telephone or letter please let us know.


If you have been to visit us we would greatly appreciate your feedback. An online survey can be found here and only takes 5 minutes and will help us improve our service.